Slade School of Fine Art (2015)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1994)



Royal Bank of Scotland (2010-2012)

Credit Suisse (2001-2010)

Market Axess (2000-2001)

Arbinet (1999-2000)

Bankers Trust (1994-1999)

kanad.chakrabarti@ukc10014.org www.ukc10014.org Instagram/Twitter: @ukc10014 2019: Artists Alliance NYC Residency 2018: Queens International biennial @queens_museum (US) Cinema COBRA @honeys_brooklyn 'Faraway Here' curated by Ksenia Soboleva (US) 'Living Otherwise' exhibition/workshop curated by Dr. Zahra Hussain, Durham University Geography Department (UK) SPRING/BREAK Art Fair co-curated with Jason Andrew (Norte Maar) & Sarah Pettitt (w/ Oliver Evans, Shaan Syed, Robert Raphael, Robert Rivers, Sarah Pettitt, Audra Wolowiec) (US) 2017: Projection Room @the_unstitute (ES) 2016: Snap to Grid @lacda (US) Both Sides Now 3 @videoclub_uk & @videotage_hk (shown @songeunartspace, @rayartcentre, @minsheng_art_museum) Selected VI @videoclub_uk (shown @whitechapelgallery, @cca_glasgow, @nottm_contemp) 2015: Bloomberg New Contemporaries @newcontemps (UK) (shown @icalondon, @backlitgallery) LIMBO @limbo_margate (UK) William Kingdon Clifford collaboration @ucl_math_and_physical_sciences (UK)